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The drug development process is in crisis. Returns on R&D have been decreasing for decades and fewer drugs are reaching the market. One contributing factor to this crisis is the lack of information transparency in the clinical trial market (a key part of the drug development process).

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An astounding 80% of clinical trials fail to meet recruitment timelines and 1 in 4 cancer research trials falter due to low patient recruitment. Many patients do not even know these trials exist.

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As Lambda students we have developed a solution that increases information transparency and helps patients (and family members) evaluate potentially life-saving clinical trials. In the process, recruiting enough participants for the study to make.

Success Stories

Meet Chelsea Ring

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"I would have died if it wasn't for the life saving treatment I was connected with using Clinical Trial Finder!"

~ Chelsea Ring

Meet Chloe Zigger

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"My child has another day to play thanks to the treatment we were able to find. Thank you Clinical Trial Finder!".

~ Chloe's Mom, Karen

Meet Andrae Richard

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"I didn't know what to expect at first, but they made the whole process very easy and I found the study I needed".

~ Andrae Richard

Application Features

Confidence Score

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We give a score to each study called a confidence score. It gives you an idea of probability of the study being successful.

Fully Responsive Mobile Application

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Our website and application are optimally designed for use on your phone, so you can access update information on the fly.

Timely Selection

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Get notified immediately upon selection for a study. Using our app stream lines the process in an easily digestible way. You can add studies to your watchlist so you can reaccess them again easily.

Regular Updates

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Our database is continually being updated with live information about what studies are currently available. Search by location and condition.


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