Meet the Team

We are people from all over the world brought together to help connect people to the studies they need to find.

Backend Developers:

Machine Learning Engineer

Picture of Connor Heraty

Connor Heraty

Conner was our Project Manager and responsible for AWS Deployment, Flask API and Data Analysis.

Data Engineer

Picture of Paul Kutrich

Paul Kutrich

Paul is a budding Data Scientist with an interest in improving lives by improving healthcare. He lives in Seattle.

Machine Learning
Data Engineer

Picture of Alvin Walker

Alvin Walker

Alvin is a Data Scientist from NC. He was responsible for building a model using NLP, and helped set the keywords for the search algorithm.

Web Developers:

Web Front End Developer

Picture of Suparada Saitalae

Suparada Saitalae

Suparada is a Front-end Developer from Tulsa, OK. She was responsible for the login page and display dashboard.

Web Front End Developer

Picture of Thai Ngyuen

Thai Ngyuen

Thai is a Font-End Web Developer from Los Angeles, CA. He was responsible for the Registration page and the Search component.

Web Front End Developer

Picture of Peishan (Penny) Lee

Peishan "Penny" Lee

Penny is a Front-end Developer from San Diego, CA. Penny's background as a Clinical Research Associate makes her very excited to see this project come to life.

Web Back End Developer

Picture of George Adams

George Adams

George is the Backend Developer from Chicago, IL. He is responsible for building the web API’s, adding data persistence, and adding user authentication.

Web UI Developers:

Web UI

Picture of Christine Fletcher

Christine Fletcher

Christine is a Web Developer from Tulsa, Oklahoma with a background in healthcare. She designed and built the marketing pages.

Web UI

Picture of Ahmad Guenoun

Ahmad Guenoun

Ahmad is a Web Developer from Flordia. He helped design and bulid the marketing pages.


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